Put your theory to the test

Statistics is an invaluable research tool for all disciplines of modern science. All research questions, whether of an academic or commercial nature, can only be explored and answered using appropriate methods of statistical analysis. However, the "correct" approach is usually advanced or complicated since real life data are never simple.

Don't struggle on your own

Statistical analysis is a science so unless the question you are trying to answer is extremely simple and the data are abnormally flawless, it is more likely than not that your approach is not ideal, to say the least. In some cases the conclusion may be downright wrong!

"Lies, damned lies, and statistics!"

There are numerous issues that need to be considered if you wish your research to be as unassailable as possible and easily defendable against critics. Omissions in design and incorrect analyses can verify Benjamin Disraeli's famous quote!


Be confident in your research

I'm employed in academia and genuinely interested in research. Therefore I'm quite happy to help any researcher with the only reward being a potential publication that stems from our collaboration. Quantitative research for the health sciences (biostatistics) is of particular interest to me.

I'm an expert user of Stata, an advanced statistical package, and you can see my software contributions when you type within the Stata environement:

net from http://statanalysis.co.uk/

Less frequently I use SAS, R, MATLAB and MS Excel (to code in VBA).

Undergraduate / Postgraduate Statistical courses

In case you have queries regarding a statistical course at your university or you need help with an assignment get in touch with your supervisor first! If you are still desperate I might try to answer your queries (although simple answers are rare) within the obvious ethical boundaries...

Evangelos (Evan) Kontopantelis